Founded in the end of 1999, Dingli Group is a culture creative enterprise devoted to the inheritance and promotion of carving art. At present, Dingli Group has developed into a large-scale group company which integrates carving engineering design and manufacturing, jade carving artwork creation, stone carving art culture study and international art exhibition platform as a whole. Its affiliates contain Dingli Stone Craving Design and Research Institute, Dingli Art Museum, Samadhi Brand and Stone Inquiry Art Gallery. In accordance with the idea of “ becoming the legendary stone carving art creator”, the group is devoted to creating more public stone carvings and legendary architecture stone carving works in China and even the whole world. 
The headquarter currently has administration office buildings, reception center, Dingli Art Gallery, and Dingli Stone Carving Design Research Institute and integrates the functions of business negotiation, research and development design, visit reception, art exhibition and academic exchange. Among others, in order to better serve the society, Dingli Art Gallery establishes the non-profit and public Stone Inquiry Art Gallery, with the view of offering a platform for art communication, artwork exhibition, appreciation, taste and collection for domestic and overseas sculpture artists, Hui’an local engravers, craft artists, sculpture art lovers and collectors. It is open to the social public free of charge and visitors have to make appointment in advance.
Factory I is the carving creation enlargement base and corporate carving creation foundation.  It specializes in the creation of medium and small stone carving works made by domestic and overseas sculpture artists and the manufacturing, independent research and development of corporate art brands such as “Samadhi-Stone Carving” and “Stone Inquiry Art Gallery”. It also acts as the stone carving teaching practice base for professional sculpture colleges such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.
As the carving creation base for large-scale stone carving artworks, Factory II establishes the “Digital Control Stone Carving Research Center”. With multi-function and well-equipped large-scale professional stone carving and manufacturing workshops, it could make and assemble various traditional and modern stone carving art architecture and components.
Famous trademark in Fujian Province, copyright demonstration unit in Fujian Province, culture industry demonstration base in Fujian Province, sightseeing factory in Fujian Province, stone carving teaching practice base of professional colleges such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. 


Stone carving art handed down

Dingli Carving Group, founded in 1999, is a bearing and dissemination of stone carving art culture and creative enterprises.
Its "Dingli Stone Carving Design and Research Institute", "Dingli Art Museum", "Samadhi" brand and "asked Stone" Gallery.
The Group will strive to create more new era of public stone and architectural stone works for China and the rest of the world.
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